Sorry for the delay in uploading the specials for September! We are seriously short handed and have a hard time completing all of these awesome designs for you all!

The designs this month features a lot of new items and colors that we recently got in stock. Feel free to ask your technician what’s new about them!

Toe designs were a hit last month and are in high demand! So we will be continuing them throughout September as well! Thank you all for your support!

Receive 20% off any of these designs for the month of September.

Hands: $85 -> $68 before tax.

Toes: $58 -> $46.40 before tax.

Toe designs are only applicable for toes. Callus care is not included. If you want to add callus care, please mention it to us when booking your appointment.

You are free to change the color or order of any of the designs, but you may not change what the design actually is.

Call us to book an appointment! (808) 949-2218